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Limay Zona I

Restriction-free Kill

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River Limay

Free fishing Area

Region / State:
Río Negro
Río Negro
Limay Zona I
Last update:
2017-11-03 16:58:12
River or place: River Limay
Closing date: 31/05/11
Other baits: Equipo Mosca solamente,anzuelo sin rebaba
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No weather available.
Language: The following information about Limay Zona I is not yet available in your language. We show the information in Español. However, very soon, it will be translated.
Catchs: 2 percas
Upper limit: 500 m aguas abajo del puente
Lower limit: 500 m aguas abajo de la Presa Piedra del Águila (cartel de zona restringida)
Comments: Devolución obligatoria de todos los salmónidos


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Otro preciosidad del Limay, sent by: Administrador

Otro preciosidad del Limay



Trucha marrón del Limay, sent by: Administrador

Trucha marrón del Limay


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