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Terms of use

The User agrees to utilize Services that, by their nature, allow the User to introduce Content to the Portal and allow their access by other Users, such as, chatting, forums, electronic mail, announcement bulletin boards, personal pages, etc. (herein and jointly referred to as “Open Forums”) and that these Open Forums will conform with the law, these General Conditions, morals and generally accepted good conduct consistent with the public order.

As an illustrative list and not exclusively, the User promises not to transmit, disseminate or place at the disposition of third parties Content of Open Forums that
(a) in any manner contravenes, diminishes or attempts to contravene the fundamental rights and liberties as publicly and constitutionally recognized in international treaties and in the judicial system, generally;
(b) induce, incite or promote activity that is criminal, denigrating, defamatory, inflammatory, violent or, in general, any action contrary to the law, morals and generally accepted good conduct or that upsets the public order;
(c) induce, incite or promote actions, attitudes or ideas that are or discriminatory on grounds of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age, or physical condition;
(d) incorporate, or place at the disposition of or permit access to products, elements, messages and/or services that are criminal, violent, pornographic or degrading in nature or, in general, contrary to the law, morals and generally accepted good conduct or contrary to public order;
(e) induces or attempts to induce an unacceptable level of anxiety or fear;
(f) induces or incites to involvement in dangerous practices, to take risks or to take action that is damaging to another's health or mental stability;
(g) involves behavior that is fraudulent, ambiguous, vague or untimely with the intent to induce an error on the part of the person with whom one communicates;
(h) does not protect all intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, unless the User has obtained prior permission from the owners and the required authorization to use or to attempt to use such materials;
(i) violates third party entrepreneurial confidentiality;
(j) is contrary to one's rights to honor, individual or family privacy, or good reputation;
(k) violates the guidelines controlling confidential communication;
(l) involves publicity that is illicit, deceptive, disloyal, or that generally involves prohibitive competition practices;
(m) includes viruses or other physical or electronic elements that might damage or impede the normal functioning of the network or of the computer system or equipment (hardware and software) of third parties or that can potentially damage electronic documents and files stored on such computer equipment.

ENELIA ESTUDIO, S.L. has no obligation to control or not to control the Content that Users might transmit, disseminate or otherwise place at the disposition of third parties through Open Forums. Notwithstanding the foregoing, ENELIA ESTUDIO, S.L. reserves the right to revise, at any time and without prior notice, upon its own initiative or the petition of a third party, Content that Users might transmit, disseminate, or otherwise place at the disposition of third parties should it deem such action necessary under these General Conditions.

The User will be responsible for harm and damage of any kind that ENELIA ESTUDIO, S.L. might suffer as a consequence of non-compliance with the obligations set forth in these General Conditions.
Data of a personal nature that are administered through this form will be included in a data file under the control of the entity for which this data is intended, ENELIA ESTUDIO, S.L. ("" herein), domiciled at CL Santiago de Compostela, 46, 28034 Madrid, and will be used to manage your account as a user of this Web Site and to manage the services offered through this web site, in conformity with the general conditions as well as to be submitted for information on products, events and services of ENELIA ESTUDIO S.L., for companies that form its group of companies or for third parties, through means of communication for the sectors of sport, trips, automobiles, music, audio-visual, financial services, catering, technological products, telecommunication services and cosmetic services, including the expedition commercial communication vi electronic mail or any other means of similar electronic communication, such as SMS.
Similarly, we hereby inform that, in order to offer superior services that are personalized according to your interests, and to know which web pages our users visit most, we will register a permanent cookie on your computer system. The majority of Internet Browsers allow cookies to be erased from the computer hard drive, block their entry or notification before saving a cookie. This data is treated as confidential in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December, so that users can access, correct, erase or oppose data handling at the direction indicated above, or at the email address

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