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    Por Enedino Villaverde Page

    A streamer [...] Read more


    Por Javier Sanchez Fernandez

    Grandes barbos a mosca secaLa pesca del bonefish de agua dulce En este amplio universo que es la pesca a mosca, para los que ya tienen la suficiente experiencia con las pintonas, y no [...] Read more


    Por Jorge López Basavilbaso

    Devolverlos sanosEl cuidado de dorados y otros peces. Una reflexión que intenta optimizar el camino iniciado hace tiempo. Por Jorge López Basavilbaso  La Secretaría de Turismo de la Nación, algunos gobiernos [...] Read more


    Por Javier Sanchez Fernandez

    Truchas en inviernoComunes y arcoiris, pesca en intensivos La pesca de truchas, siempre tan presente durante todo el año, es el mayor aliciente para todos los que pescamos a mosca. Durante la [...] Read more


    Por Javier Sanchez Fernandez

    Coto consorciado del VellónEl Vellón, una joya a pocos kilómetros de Madrid El Club El Vellón ha implantado el captura y suelta desde hace tiempo, lo que ha creado una estupenda recuperación del [...] Read more


    Por Javier Sanchez Fernandez

    Grandes carpas con streamerAlgo ha cambiado en los ciprínidos La pesca a mosca parece que nos abre posibilidades a menos que le demos una oportunidad, en los tiempos que corren muchas veces no [...] Read more

    Something about us

    ElVEril thought of as a place of information on fishing in the world. At first we put all fishing preserves, free fishing areas without death, different social scenarios for competition sport fishing and of course preserves intensive fishing.

    We did this only for Spain, then I have started two countries as Argentina and Chile, although there the task was revealed as almost unattainable. We are limited to include rivers and lakes without power typify the various fishing sites. As of the census of the fishing spots was unapproachable and saw that the collaboration of local fishermen was low, we decided to begin including fishing guides.

    Of fishing guides and fishing-related businesses such as shops or boat rental services if we get a degree of participation. Specifically our friend Daniel Johansen from Bariloche Outfitters has always been an almost inexhaustible source of splendid photographs fishing trophy trout and stunning scenery of southern Argentina.

    Over time we have had the cooperation of fishermen who have left us their pictures and comments on fishing sites and preserves. We believe that the collection of photographs of ElVeril is one of the largest currently on sea and river fishing, and continues to grow every day.

    We would like your views on hunting grounds and fishing spots and we expect to see partners to help us launch a magazine about fishing for species like trout, black bass, pike, carp, catfish, large trophy fish sea ​​fishing or just on species such as bream or sea bass.

    We begin to highlight both predatory fishing sites fishing for species such as cyprinids. The fishing light set, the carp fishing, catfish and sea fishing both onboard and from coast are on our list of future projects.

    I can only reapply for your help to complete reviews of fishing sites. We understand that nobody wants to reveal the secret and almost inaccessible place booked for us and our friends, but there are many known sites all over which can give your opinions. Each review site fishing, either good or bad, help a colleague.

    No weather available.
    No requests
    The team will ElVeril provides a framework for other fishermen to respond to your questions. In any case we can assure you an answer for the question about fisheries or fishing spots.

    Fishermen who help and self ElVeril web team occasionally responds to questions but only in the case of having first-hand information on the fishing site on the regulation for fishing or you're wondering technical.

    ElVeril website is a place to exchange views and information among fishermen, without your help we can do more.

    In the same way that we set fishing questions, we ask that you answer to know; simply that you share your experiences, photos and information with other anglers free.

    Thanks for your help.

    iPhone Práctico



    Por Er_Maqui

    Apple anuncia el lanzamiento de iOS 8Hace unos días, Apple anunció durante la Keynote de presentación de la WWDC 2014 el lanzamiento de la octava versión de su sistema operativo móvil, iOS 8.   Esta misma presentación, abarcó la muestra de bastantes novedades respecto al ecosistema Apple, como las nuevas features Read the r [...] Read more
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