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Ciprinidos Zestoa , sent by: Ni (Not registered)

Ciprinidos Zestoa


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Truchon pescado con perdigones, sent by: Iml (Not registered)

Truchon pescado con perdigones


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rezusta, sent by: evp (Not registered)



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rezusta, sent by: evp (Not registered)



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Reply to Untitled comment, sent by: ni (Not registered) Reply

Send the 2019-03-22 20:25:54 of Urola.

Conclusion en el tramo ciprinidos se puede pescar de abril a julio la trucha sin muerte (cucharilla,rapala,mosca)
Pero en el tramo de ciprinidos segun el articulo 9 se puede pescar todo el año
Si viene el guarda fuera de temporada de agosto a Marzo se le dice que estamos a barbos, aunque saquemos trucha
Y sino que pongan unas normas
No te pueden decir nada por pescar en ciprinidos


Reply to Untitled comment, sent by: Ni (Not registered) Reply

Send the 2019-03-22 20:14:42 of Urola.

La pesca de ciprinidos, en los tramos establecidos en el articulo 9
podra realizarse durante todo el año
La pesca de la trucha sin muerte del 1 Abril
al 31 de Julio
Se pueden pescar 25 loinas de 8cm por pescador y dia
Y 6 barbos de 20 cm
Urola: Desde el puente de Aizarnazabal al puente del Balneario de Zestoa
Deba:Del puente de Sasiola hasta el molino
de Altzola en el termino municipal de Elgoibar
Se supone que a mosca seca y con ninfas y perdigones
Y hay bastante trucha y de buen porte


Reply to Untitled comment, sent by: iml (Not registered) Reply

Send the 2019-03-22 20:01:25 of Urola.

En el tramo de Ciprinidos se puede pescar todo el año (rios Deba y Urola)
Se pueden extraer tanto loinas como Barbos
Con que se pesca el Barbo?
Con lombriz de tierra,ninfas,perdigones y mosca seca.
Que pasa si enganchamos una trucha?
La soltamos, realmente estamos pescando barbos, pero como tambien hay truchas
si pica alguna la devolvemos al rio
Respecto al tramo de ciprinidos no hay nada legislado,en la normativa de pesca unicamente pone que se puede pescar en el tramo de ciprinidos todo el año
Lo unico que podria ocurrir es que quitaran el tramo de ciprinidos,durante la temporada de pesca es pesca sin muerte de Abril a Julio
Un saludo


Untitled comment, sent by: Pesca 2 res (Not registered) Reply

Send the 2019-03-22 13:21:51 of Urola.

Se puede coger trucha en un tramo de ciprinidos? Pregunta de principiante

Something about us

ElVeril thought of as a place of information on fishing in the world. At first we put all fishing preserves, free fishing areas without death, different social scenarios for competition sport fishing and of course preserves intensive fishing.

We did this only for Spain, then I have started two countries as Argentina and Chile, although there the task was revealed as almost unattainable. We are limited to include rivers and lakes without power typify the various fishing sites. As of the census of the fishing spots was unapproachable and saw that the collaboration of local fishermen was low, we decided to begin including fishing guides.

Of fishing guides and fishing-related businesses such as shops or boat rental services if we get a degree of participation. Specifically our friend Daniel Johansen from Bariloche Outfitters has always been an almost inexhaustible source of splendid photographs fishing trophy trout and stunning scenery of southern Argentina.

Over time we have had the cooperation of fishermen who have left us their pictures and comments on fishing sites and preserves. We believe that the collection of photographs of ElVeril is one of the largest currently on sea and river fishing, and continues to grow every day.

We would like your views on hunting grounds and fishing spots and we expect to see partners to help us launch a magazine about fishing for species like trout, black bass, pike, carp, catfish, large trophy fish sea ​​fishing or just on species such as bream or sea bass.

We begin to highlight both predatory fishing sites fishing for species such as cyprinids. The fishing light set, the carp fishing, catfish and sea fishing both onboard and from coast are on our list of future projects.

I can only reapply for your help to complete reviews of fishing sites. We understand that nobody wants to reveal the secret and almost inaccessible place booked for us and our friends, but there are many known sites all over which can give your opinions. Each review site fishing, either good or bad, help a colleague.

No weather available.

reos del cares, sent by: eduardo (Not registered) Reply

Send the 2018-05-17 21:55:45 of Urola.

necesito todo tipo de informacion sobre esta pesca tan fascinante


Reos y salmones remontan el rio Urola, sent by: el veril pesca (Not registered) Reply

Send the 2018-06-16 19:41:44 of Urola.

Reos y salmones estan intentando subir la primera presa del rio Urola junto al caseron de REZUSTA en el Bº Etxabe
Esto se ha podido ver esta semana, salmones añales y adultos de mas de 2 inviernos de mar
Reos y truchas
Un autentico espectaculo


Reply to eduardo (No registrado), sent by: respuesta a pesca reos rio Cares (Not registered) Reply

Send the 2018-08-24 13:14:58 of Urola.

Los Reos del cares son de mayor tamaño que de los demas rios Asturianos.
Agosto y Septiembre son una buena opcion para pescarlos en los tramos sin muerte de los tramos superiores de estos afamados rios Astures.