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Horacio Grau (Buenos Aires)

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1933 Visits

Matías Pavoni (Buenos Aires)

Charter boat fly fishing guides

1891 Visits

Fernando G. Sanchez (Buenos Aires)

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2151 Visits

Los Mellizos (Buenos Aires)

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2257 Visits

Guillermo Adami (Buenos Aires)

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2013 Visits

Sebastian Gonzalez (Buenos Aires)

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2028 Visits

Jorge Benitez (Buenos Aires)

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3039 Visits

Adalberto Damián Britos (Buenos Aires)

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2484 Visits

Antonio Mezzacappa (Buenos Aires)

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2431 Visits

El Ruso (Buenos Aires)

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1995 Visits


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Un Torpe en Casa



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Mapa del lugar

  • Business
    • B - Berisso, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Servicio de Embarcación, salidas diarias

Guía de Pesca con Flotada

Pejerrey, Bagre de mar, Boga y Corvina


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Sebastian Gonzalez "Patora"

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Region / State:
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Telephone 1:
54 (0221)4941256
Telephone 2:
54 (0221)1554009
Guarderias marinas del sur
Email address:
Last update:
2017-12-01 19:10:57

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Charter boat fishing guides

Servicio de Embarcación, salidas diarias

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